Frailty and Strength 2022

Dimensions Variable

Medium: kraft paper, paint pen, fishing line, yarn, polymer clay, aluminum, Papier Mâché,  joint compound, pvc pipes, recycled bags, acrylic, satin sealant, gesso

Frailty and Strength is a souls’ journey from birth to death, by welcoming and fully embracing the inevitable. Emphasizing the value of our very existence, in an attempt to embrace every moment left in this world. Frailty and Strength explores the duality of routine and spontaneity. The repetition of lines and shapes signify moments in our lives that are either repetitive or spontaneous. Every decision or action we make leaves a permanent mark.
The process of Frailty and Strength is a lesson in self-discovery by committing to exploring something new. The act of subtracting and accepting the outcome chips away at my own pensiveness and fear.