Katya Neptune is a Filipina diaspora  (b.1976 Angeles City, Philippines) based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She works as an interdisciplinary artist with a socially engaged practice and is currently a resident artist at Arts Warehouse in Delray. Neptune has exhibited her work in various public spaces, including the Cornell Museum of Art, Coral Springs Museum, Bailey Contemporary Arts, Sarasota Art Center, Martin Arts, Ali Cultural Arts, 1310 Gallery, and Miami Independent Thinkers during Art Basel.  She has also been featured in various periodicals such as the Sun Sentinel, Broward Palm Beach New Times, Pelican Newspaper, Pompano Beach Magazine, RiverWalk Fort Lauderdale, and Voyage Miami. Neptune’s work is process-oriented, reflective, and introspective.  Her work explores the complexities of mental health. Neptune uses personal and intimate visual narratives to share her struggle and healing to normalize conversations around this topic and to de-stigmatize mental illness. Overall, the heart of her practice is a commitment to authenticity and vulnerability and to serve as an advocate for others. 

 In addition to Neptune’s art practice, in 2009, she founded ArtHeart. A non-profit organization that aims to empower artists of all levels to inspire healthful and imaginative growth in her community. As the Creative Director and Chief Curator for ArtHeart, Neptune has curated numerous exhibits in South Florida featuring emerging and established global artists.  In addition, ArtHeart serves as a fundraising mechanism for orphans in Rwanda, Africa, by partnering with We Are Zoe, a non-profit organization that strives to break the cycle of poverty through education initiatives for orphaned children.


Katya Neptune is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is process-oriented, reflective, and introspective. She explores the complexities of her mental health through a range of mixed-media sculpture, abstract mapping, photography, painting, digital art, and installation. Each medium she employs is carefully, yet often intuitively, selected to reflect her psychological and emotional state. By utilizing personal and intimate visual narratives, Neptune shares her struggle and healing, aiming to normalize conversations around mental health and de-stigmatize mental illness.

Neptune’s work challenges the stereotypes and misunderstandings that often surround mental health by offering a new perspective on what it means to live with a mental health condition. The focus of her practice lies at the intersection of spirituality, mental health, and various cultures, providing a rich tapestry of influences and insights. Her commitment to authenticity and vulnerability defines her work and serves as an advocacy tool for others facing similar challenges.

Neptune’s dedication to introspection and genuine expression invites viewers to engage with the nuances of mental health in a deeply personal and meaningful way. Through her art practice, she hopes to foster empathy, understanding, and open dialogue, ultimately contributing to a more compassionate and informed society.