Faith In The Intangible 2021

Faith in the Intangible explores the fear of my own mortality and the impermanence of my existence that has surfaced during the pandemic. In addition, being a Filipino-American in a country where the surgence of Asian hate crime has risen to well over 150% has only added a layer of unrest. Developing this work comes about in solitude, through an analytic process steeped in reflection and rumination. Faith in the Intangible conveys the detaching, and relinquishing control of the inevitable. The stripping of the outer layer that was sculpted by using paper mache, signifies the impermanence of the material body. The core of the sculpture is created using polymer clay and resin, which represents the enduring permanence of the soul. 

The video installation captures a time lapse of the sculpture’s outer structure disintegrating in the water. The water itself is symbolic – the perplexing notion of both death and the ocean are paralleled in their mystery.

The topography is a documentation of my meditative process. It discloses and unravels the thoughts in the subconscious mind and pushes it to the foreground.