Memento Mori 2022

Memento Mori investigates the false dichotomy of the natural world around me and the personal world within me. By presenting observations of nature in South Florida that represent the intrinsic commonality of my inner nature and the nature in which I live. The images depicted in this work symbolically mirror a juxtaposition of morning and evening skies and my own highs and lows. The images also reflect the impermanence of life, and they affirm the inevitability that death creates space for new life. The observance of life and death in nature depicts a communion that brings forth solace. The likeness of the natural world and my own nature propels me to explore how to respond to my own fragility and resilience. This personal work that I have collected through the years is a deliberate slowing down to witness the beauty of the divine through nature. Capturing these images, and revisiting them, brought about a stillness and a tranquility in my world. As the world is in constant motion, we are easily carried away by its momentum and forget to pause, particularly in nature.